About us

Farr West is an American company located in Mendocino California; family owned and run for over forty five years. It was started in 1968 when Jack and Iris Farr moved back to California after working in the garment industry in New York - they wanted to launch a company that would focus on quality and continue to offer the undergarments that were beginning to go out of favor, (such as full and half-slips) as well as other designs. Ten years later their two children Lindsey Roscoe and Chuck Farr joined the business and eventually took it over. At its peak, 32 employees worked for the company. In 2013 after many decades of excellence and a strong following in the industry the Farr family made the momentous decision to retire from Farr West and in January 2014 officially signed the company over to the care of Manuka Clarke - an independent lingerie designer who collaborated with Farr West in 2012 on their Sophia and Lace Sensation lines. Farr West's legacy to beautifully made garments continues as an exclusive "Handmade In California" brand. 

"As a longtime admirer of FARR WEST and its legacy, I’m committed to keeping its integrity intact, its “Made in America” philosophy and most importantly its unparalleled devotion to quality. I’m  looking forward to launching new selections that further embody FARR WEST’s timeless, elegant appeal. I’m honored to have such a talented, detail-orientated team. I am grateful to the FARR WEST family for giving me this amazing opportunity, and I look forward to giving the company my best." Manuka Clarke

Farr West is immensely proud to be an American company whose lines were designed primarily by Lindsay Roscoe, and Manuka Clarke and made in USA. Instead of outsourcing manufacturing to ethically unreliable countries, Farr West is still made by a small sewing collective in its home state of California where it is guaranteed to provide a sustainable wage, humane work conditions and stimulate the local economy. Ultimately it is the Farr West mission to have all components made in the USA which is why we are so pleased to announce that as of February 2014 all our lace will be sourced from Klauber Lace Inc. the last American lace company. Klauber Lace was founded by Rose Klauber in Munich in 1859, but moved to United States after the Second World War. The U.S firm is still famlily owned and run by 5th and 6th generation Klaubers and has one of the only genuine Leavers Lace factories in the world, in New England. The company has a reputation for innovation and skill, with many copyrighted designs based on original artwork.