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Los Angeles, CA
United States of America

US: 424-224-7626

Farrwest designs underpinnings to accentuate a woman’s femininity making you feel as beautiful as you naturally are. Pieces flatter both angles and curves, accenting the uniquely seductive parts every woman possesses. Made of high-quality, signature anti-cling fabric so (luxuriously) soft you’ll forget your wearing anything at all.



Slip. noun. A woman's sleeveless undergarment, worn as a lining for, and to give support to, a dress. 

Yes, ok. We concur. A slip is that....but sometimes it is also so much more. Who remembers the infamous slip dresses of the late 90s? You couldn't move for silky bits of underwear-worn-as-outerwear jostling for space on the pavement, and very decorative viewing it made too...well in London anyway. Whatever your definition of this iconic piece of underwear and whatever your reason for wearing it; comfort, modesty, sleep, play - it is undoubtedly the most basic and fundamental of wardrobe staples. Personally we're big fans.