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Farrwest designs underpinnings to accentuate a woman’s femininity making you feel as beautiful as you naturally are. Pieces flatter both angles and curves, accenting the uniquely seductive parts every woman possesses. Made of high-quality, signature anti-cling fabric so (luxuriously) soft you’ll forget your wearing anything at all.

The Farrwest Team


Director of Farr West

"Lingerie is important, it’s a necessity; a second skin. It’s a huge part of women’s lives, how they carry themselves, and how attractive, and powerful they feel... Providing a woman with something that makes her feel good is what keeps me going. Diversity is key, and listening to what women truly want. ” Manuka Clarke 

Manuka making a friend in New York.

Manuka making a friend in New York.

Before becoming the new Director and CEO of Farr West Manuka Clarke had been designing Lingerie, for the past eight years, for her self named company, MANU. Focusing her designs on a woman’s natural beauty without the use of underwire or unhealthy fabrics, her panties and bras flattered both angles and curves, accenting the uniquely seductive parts every woman possesses. Manuka imported the finest French laces, Italian accessories and French organic cotton satin ribbon for her products, so she couldn't be more at home with the attention to detail inherent in Farr West products. Each piece is made with love and an impeccable exactitude, with the emphasis on fit and durability - something Manuka really cares about.

Manuka's philosophy: "Now is the time to concentrate on yourself, and your body. Practice the art of giving gifts to you, from you. You deserve it. Buy American Made and keep our communities strong. If you've ever had a dream...take action; convert your garage, make the kids eat in the livingroom - so you can use the kitchen table...whatever it takes. Make your dreams come true while wearing great underwear, and being your best! Every shape is beautiful. It's how you feel about yourself and whether you are comfortable that counts." 

xoxo M 



Creative Director

Yarah David is Manuka Clarke's cousin - continuing the tradition of Farr West being a family owned and run brand. Yarah's background in design is in Printed Textiles and Product Design. She also has ten years experience in Brand Placement and Positioning. Her introduction into the apparel and lingerie market began three years ago when she collaborated with Manuka on the creation of a new wireless bra suspension system (Clifton) for MANU. Manuka's directorship of Farr West is considered by both women to be the perfect progression. Yarah's subsequent involvement as Creative Director and Head of the European Division seemed the natural choice.

On joining Farr West Yarah says:

Yarah at home in Somerset UK

Yarah at home in Somerset UK

"I love that we are cousins! It's perfect. And I am so excited to be working in women's apparel. Manuka is a brilliant and compassionate designer whose past work shows her commitment to women's health and issues. We intend to breath modernity into the legacy that is the Farr West brand, keeping family values and commitment to quality at the fore. Manu and I listen very carefully to what women want and need, and little by little we intend to give it to them - returning femininity to their wardrobes without compromising on comfort or quality. We intend to expand the plus size ranges too, as no one regardless of shape should be denied good design. For a woman owning a lingerie brand it is like being a kid in a candy shop. We have so many ideas it's difficult not to run before we can walk. But Manuka and I have agreed - slowly, slowly. Farr West is a well respected brand with some enviable USPs: a longlife anti-cling fabric unique to the brand, excellent quality of manufacture, modest pricing, and all products are Made In America - which is something increasingly rare and commendable. What we intend to do is consolidate and build; exploring new fabrics and ever better quality materials, update and improve and ultimately give our loyal customers more for the same money rather than less. We also bring fresh ideas, a desire to expand into Europe and an absolute dedication to feminine comfort and beauty. All women, all curves. From this point the future is remarkably bright - as bright as a new dawn in California, as my cousin would say."